Adjnamedroach (A Dj Named Roach) is a deep and real hip-hop artist from Florida with the style and swagger that only comes from living the life he raps about. He grew up idolizing rappers and singers and did get his start as a DJ before being lured from the path by the call of the streets. That part of life didn’t end well for him and he spent most of his youth in juvenile detention followed by ten hard years in prison. Thankfully, he survived, found his legs as an artist, and developed his considerable natural talent. One listen to his single “No Choice” and it becomes instantly clear that Roach is destined for much bigger things than street life could ever provide.


Adjnamedroach makes an aggressive style of promethazine rap music aimed at high-strung people like himself. He spits the Truth as he sees it over hardcore beats and lives for the expression of aggression he’s found in hip-hop. His influences include Cash Money, Soulja Slim, Trick Daddy, $uicideboyz, and Flatbush Zombies but the last thing Roach will ever be known as is an imitator. Already, this original approach has got him working with established artists like DJ Scream, Plvyhouse, and Merty Shango as well as having Dj Scream of Hoodrich host his mixtape Don't Come For Me. His goals are simply to remain free, make great music, and have other people sing his songs the way sang the tracks that inspired him. Adjnamedroach is a crucial underground artist with the power and authenticity to change the rap game from top to bottom. Serious hip-hop heads need to hear him right now.


Miami, FL


Rap, Underground Rap, Hardcore Rap

Years Active:

2005- Present


Lit AF Music





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Lit AF Music

e-mail: management@litafmusic.com


Booking: Clinton O'Brien, Lit AF Music

e-mail: coach@adjnamedroach.com management@litafmusic.com


Press: Clinton O'Brien, Lit AF Music

e-mail: coach@adjnamedroach.com management@litafmusic.com


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